Are you selling in a competitive or commoditized market and looking to grow sales and margin?

We can help you develop and execute a strategy to maximize  value and  grow sales and margins.

It all starts with the Value Proposition!  While this may seem obvious, truly understanding your product or service value proposition and where it will deliver the highest value is often misunderstood.  Companies often believe they have it nailed when they do not, resulting in missed opportunity, lack of differentiation, lower value and  lower sales and margins.

Are you targeting the right need?  Are you selling at the correct level of your clients/prospects organization? Are there unrealized needs where you can deliver higher value to a higher level in the organization?  How do you go about finding and targeting these unrealized needs?

Through creative expertise in designing strategies and value propositions that resonate with customers we can help you differentiate products from competitors’ to justify value, price and margin leadership.  We will also work with you to develop the sales and business development tools and training to ensure effective implementation not just by your high performers, but by your entire team.

Our Process:

  • Assessment:  Current value proposition, unrealized needs, competitive landscape, pricing.
  • Value Proposition Development
    • How do you provide that value?  Internally? Through partnering? …?  Sometimes it is just a conceptual change!
  • Pricing strategy development
  • Sales tool development and training
  • Sales compensation strategy
    • You have to incentivize the result you want

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